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Heber Valley Historic Railroad

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Heber Valley Railroad - Heber City, Utah

Photos by Chris Muller
Heber Valley RR Gallery

   Heber City, located in north-central Utah, lies in broad valley between the Uinta and Wasatch mountains. These impressive mountain ranges are a large part of Heber's scenery and appeal. Advertised as a four seasons resort area, the valley offers championship golf courses, water recreation, ski resorts, challenging hiking trails and some of the best fishing in Utah. Heber Valley Railroad No 618 In this dramatic view a thundering steam locomotive creates quite a stir in the quiet valley. Here in the Heber Valley, snow capped peaks, native wildlife and picturesque lakes put on a spectacular show for those aboard the Heber Valley Historic Railroad.
   The vintage railway dates back to the late 19th century and lives on today, running on 16 miles of track between Heber City and Vivian Park in Provo Canyon. The Heber Valley Railroad’s history began in 1899 when freight trains carried livestock down the canyon to Utah Valley. Renamed Heber Creeper in the 1970s, the railway offered passenger train service and thousands of tourists were introduced to the scenic valley. Celebrating the golden years of railroading, the Heber Valley Railroad’s 1907 Baldwin leads the pack on a three and a half mile roundtrip. Offering several scenic excursions, adventure trains and dinner trains, the railroad offers special events year-round. In this remarkable winter view it's easy to see why this scenic railroad has attracted Hollywood movie cameras. The railroad has been featured in television episodes and 33 motion pictures over the last 25 years.

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