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Fairy Stone Lake

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Fairy Stone Lake - Fairy Stone State Park, Stuart, Virginia

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Steeped in legend and superstition, the mineral staurolite often takes on the shape of a Saint Andrew's or Roman cross, earning the nickname of fairy stone. Staurolite, created under intense heat and pressure, crystallizes at 60 and 90 degree angles, producing an X or T shaped cross. Otherwise a rare find, fairy stones are found in abundance in Virginia's Patrick County and Fairy Stone Park.
   The Fairy Stone State Park is one of the first half dozen Virginia parks created during the Depression Era. The land was originally donated by Junius B. Fishburn, former owner of the Roanoke Times, and shaped into a park in 1936. Park Cabin - Fairy Stone State Park, Stuart, Virginia Here in the 4500 acre park, workers of the Civilian Conservation Corps created a lake as the park centerpiece.
   Naturally the 168-acre Fairy Stone Lake remains a great place for water recreation, and during the summer season expect park guests to be swimming, fishing and boating. Making it very easy to enjoy a day on the water, park concessioners rent rowboats, paddleboats, kayaks and canoes. Extended stays in park cabins and campgrounds allow more time to enjoy the park's multi-use trails for hiking, cycling and horseback riding.

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