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Liberty Bell Center

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Liberty Bell Center - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Photos courtesy of the NPS

   One of America's most famous symbols of individual freedom Liberty Bell Center - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is Pennsylvania's Liberty Bell. Although it wasn't called the Liberty Bell right away, its inscription bares the biblical quote, "proclaim Liberty throughout all the Land unto all the inhabitants thereof."
   Pennsylvania's early government allowed colonists to take part in making their own laws and practice their chosen religion. In order to rally the towns people for public meetings and announcements, a state house bell was ordered. The bell, shipped from England, displayed signs of cracking on arrival. The bell was recast using metal from the original. The 2000 pound bell was used for almost 100 years before another crack appeared. The bell was repaired, but saw little usage afterward.
   The "Liberty Bell" name did not surface until the 1830s when an abolitionist group used the bell as symbol for their cause. Liberty Bell Details - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Trying desperately to heal the nation after the Civil War, the bell was circulated around the United States reminding citizens of their country's roots and refreshing the idea of a "united" America. The bell was returned to Philadelphia in 1915, now seen on display at the Liberty Bell Center. The bell is housed in glass and hangs from its original elm yoke.
      The ideas and symbols of Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and Independence Day (4th of July) are wonderfully captured at the Independence National Historic Park. Many first time guests experience a new meaning for independence and old freedoms in this historic section of Philadelphia.

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