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Spring Mill State Park

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Spring Mill Creek - Spring Mill State Park, Mitchell, Indiana

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Calling Spring Mill State Park "special" may be an understatement. Pioneer Village Home - Spring Mill State Park, Mitchell, IN Located in south-central Indiana, Spring Mill is one of the best preserved and well groomed parks in Indiana. Its variety of natural wonders and man-made attractions include the historic mill, a string of caves, three nature preserves, water features, campgrounds, boating, fishing, hiking, the 1930s Spring Mill Inn, and the Gus Grissom Memorial.
   With a wide assortment of tempting amenities, park visitors are first drawn to the Pioneer Village where a large stone grist mill overshadows a collection of 19 log cabins and shops. In all but the winter months, various costumed interpreters give an authentic appearance of a 19th century village. Lodge - Spring Mill State Park, Mitchell, IN Here, you may observe the village smithy over his forge, a weaver at a loom, or the miller with his nose to the grindstone.
   Scheduled programs include hikes Spring Mill through 300 year old native timberland and boat tours into the Twin Caves. Inside the Donaldson Cave, spelunkers may find the endangered northern blind cave fish. Hikers, choosing to either circle the lakes or wander through the woodlands, may spot whitetail deer, wild turkeys, red and gray foxes, wood ducks, heron and kingfishers.
   Whether it's playing tennis, spinning yarns around a campfire, primitive camping or lounging around the indoor pool, Indiana residents and visitors will enjoy Spring Mill State Park throughout the year.

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