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Nevada Falls

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Nevada Fall - Yosemite National Park, California

Photo by Rob Jones
The Wilderness Vagabond

     John Muir's countless testimonies of the grandeur at Yosemite between 1869 and 1903 gave a powerful hint of what was to become of today's Yosemite National Park. During the past 25 years visitation has topped the 3 million mark every year. Even during times of a slow economy, and despite Yosemite Valley flooding and forest fires, visitors still flocked to one of the most popular parks in the West.
     Known for its massive sequoia trees, the world's largest granite monoliths, miles and miles of back-country hiking trails, and its extreme rock climbs, Yosemite is best remembered for its large collection of powerful waterfalls. Among some of the tallest in the world, a few of Yosemite's waterfalls are easily viewed from the popular Yosemite Valley. Others require much more than an easy hike. A visit to Upper Yosemite Falls, a waterfall of 1430 feet, requires at least a 6 hour round climb.
     While most Yosemite visitors look up to Nevada Fall, this top-side view captures the spectacular 600 foot drop as it plummets down the cliff face. Nevada, a Spanish word for snowy, indicates this torrent descends from the snowy mountains above. Witnessing this waterfall view requires a strenuous hike, gaining 2000 feet in elevation up the John Muir Trail. Continuing past Vernal Falls, the steady stream of visitors remain well below this thundering roar, and the climb takes on the calm and serene side of Yosemite.

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