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Grant Grove

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Grant Grove - Sequoia National Park, California

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     California’s redwoods hold the distinction of being the world’s tallest trees, but Grant Grove in Sequoia National Park is home to the largest, the giant sequoia. Reaching over 300 feet tall, some of these monsters weigh in at 2.7 million pounds, with a 40 foot trunk diameter at the base. These twins dwarf the surrounding trees and the adjacent Sequoia Canyon park road. Even its cinnamon colored bark will astonish most, Grant Grove Trail - Sequoia National Park, California with a bark thickness of 30 inches. Its bark protects the tree from the often misunderstood benefits of a forest fire.
     After years of study in Kings Canyon and the Giant Sequoia National Monument, findings suggest fire creates a fertile ash seedbed and opens the forest canopy allowing new growth to gain an important foothold. The old ideas of aggressive fire suppression have changed. Today, prescribed burns aid new growth and ensure the continuation of these national treasures. Here in Grant Grove, these 3,300 year old trees continue to astound its visitors. It’s all too amazing when considering that these giants come from a cone the size of a chicken egg, and a seeds no bigger than an oat flake.

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