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Blowing Rocks Preserve

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Blowing Rocks Preserve - Jupiter, Florida

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Seen as a huge gesture of generosity and foresight, a donation of 73 acres of prime real estate on Jupiter Island Sea Grape Forest Pathway - Blowing Rocks Preserve, Jupiter, Florida signaled the beginning of Blowing Rocks Preserve. Protecting five of the area’s native plant communities, a mile long section of sand dunes and a restored mangrove swamp, Jupiter's Blowing Rocks Preserve has turned into one of the signature properties of the Nature Conservancy.
     More than just a beautiful beach, the preserve features a unique ridge of Anastasia Limestone which stretches along the shoreline. A short pathway tunnels through a thick forest of sea grapes, leading visitors from the information center out to the beach. The dune trail ushers guests along a ridge, covered in a rich mixture of protective dune plants. Here, distant views capture the beautiful turquoise hues of the Atlantic. A dune crossover leads out to the beach where a line of blowing rocks put on a show at high tide. Laced with tiny sea arches, polished slots, and riddled with countless depressions, the Atlantic's Blow Holes in the Anastasia Formation - Blowing Rocks Preserve, Jupiter, Florida crashing waves are sent shooting into the sky like small geysers. Arriving at high tide will ensure the best performance.
     Back on the lagoon side, the Nature Conservancy's volunteer workforce did its best to rid the preserve of non-native Australian pines and Brazilian pepper trees. With evasive plants in check, mangrove swamps now teem with small fish, blue claw crabs, fiddler crabs and mangrove trees. A lagoon boardwalk allows visitors to thoroughly enjoy this natural nursery.
     Open daily from 9am to 4pm, the park charges a small fee. Volunteering with the Nature Conservancy is a wonderful way to meet new people, learn about Earth's environment, and help keep the preserve its natural state. The Nature Conservancy does a great job to preserve plants, animals and natural communities, helping to stave-off Earth's ever shrinking diversity.

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