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Trail of Tears State Park

Trail of Tears State Park

Photo by Ben Prepelka

     It may not make the list of 28 places to visit before you die, but the Trail of Tears park does offer an incredible overhead view of the mighty Mississippi. Located in Jackson, Missouri, the 3,415 acre park is a memorial to the Cherokee Indians that lost their lives during relocation. A visitor center display interprets the sorrowful event, a site where nine groups of Cherokee crossed the Mississippi River during the harsh winter of 1838. The Nancy Bushyhead Hildebrand Memorial salutes all of the Trail of Tears Cherokee. The park occupies land between Route 177 and the Mississippi River, with campgrounds, picnic areas and the 20 acre Lake Boutin. The high bluff and cliffs not only offer views of the majestic river, but provide roosting sites for bald eagles.



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