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Portland Arch Preserve

Portland Arch Nature Preserve

Photo by Ben Prepelka

Indiana's nature preserve park system, a collaboration of multi agencies, has gathered up a collection of over 160 unique sites statewide. Some preserves are Portland Archso fragile that no Portland Preserve Deervisitation is allowed. The Portland Arch Nature Preserve not only allows visitors, but offers a wonderful small park, complete with a trail loop, sandstone bluffs, peace and quiet, and the Portland Arch. The trail leads by a deep ravine carved by Bear Creek, lying in the shadows of the Mansfield Sandstone cliffs.
The small park, just under 300 acres, is covered in a thick canopy of maples, oaks and hickory. This dense forest is a perfect setting for mosses, ferns and lichens. A few rare species of honeysuckle, rock selaginella and Canadian Blueberry are found in the preserve, a National Natural Landmark.
The preserve is found nearby the western Indiana town of Fountain, previously called Portland.



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