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Long Slide Falls

Long Slide Falls - Marinette County Park, Wisconsin

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     This map view indicates most of Wisconsin's spectacular waterfalls follow the southern shores of Lake Superior, but one section of the northeast corner of the state has its own group of waterfalls and raging whitewater. LongSlide Falls County Park - entrance About 50 miles north of Green Bay, Marinette County offers some of the best kayaking and rafting rivers in the Midwest. The Peshtigo, Pike and Menominee rivers not only provide whitewater recreation, but these two rivers and their tributaries create some of the best waterfall parks in Wisconsin's northeast.
     As Marinette County topography descends toward Lake Michigan, this rugged land creates more than a dozen waterfall sites. Many are included in county parks, complete with picnic facilities, restrooms and playground areas. Most often the waterfalls are well within easy reach, but paths may be steep and without any type of barriers. LongSlide Falls County Park - spring flowers Although most waterfalls in the area are relatively small, Long Slide Falls is very impressive. Stained with tree tannins, these waters appear as a foamy chute of root beer. Impossible to see the entire falls from one vantage point, this view from the bottom catches the lower chute as the North Branch of the Pemebonwon River heads toward the whitewater of Menominee River. For a small entrance fee you may have the entire park to yourself during the week. With some of the best fishing in the state, Marinette County anglers may come and test their skills around the falls area, but generally before the summer season begins Long Slide County Park is fairly quiet. Here in this springtime scene, with area trees putting on their delicate blossoms, the 50 foot drop at Long Slide Falls also puts on a thunderous show. Long Slide is one one of the most prominent falls in the Lake Michigan Watershed.

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