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Dave's Falls

Dave's Falls - Marinette County Park, Wisconsin

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     While Wisconsin's northern coast, following along Lake Superior, features a string of impressive waterfalls, the states eastern coast also makes claims as waterfall country. Within an hour's drive from Green Bay, Marinette County proclaims itself the waterfall Capitol of Wisconsin. Here, the Peshtigo, Pike, and Menominee rivers provide plenty of whitewater and 14 different waterfall sites.
     Broken into four mini tours, Dave's Falls is part of the Log Jam Legends Tour. Named for a log driver who died on the Wild Pike River, Dave's Falls is typical of the waterfalls in this area. Daves Falls - Upper Falls With no fences or guardrails in place, itís not unusual to see visitors clamoring around the rocks that surround both the upper (inset) and lower cascades. What the lower falls lacks in height, is made up in the volume of water pushed through a narrow chute. Along with the beauty of the Wild Pike River, the park offers picnic sites, rest rooms and a children's playground.
     Coupled-up with its string of waterfalls, Marinette County offers an extensive trail system. Setup to please the outdoor lovers of the family, ATV and snowmobile trails are considered to be some of the area's finest. An added assortment of hiking and biking trails, miles of trout streams, and some of the finest whitewater rivers in the Midwest, there's something for all types of outdoor enthusiasts.

   Dave's Falls, a Marinette County Park


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