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Pivot Rock

Pivot Rock - Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     A naturally occurring geological formation found throughout the world, balancing rocks continue to amaze and entertain their spectators. Depending on the type of upper caprock in these natural wonders, the quizzical formations take on various names, such as pedestal rocks, mysterious hoodoos, balancing rocks and mushroom rocks.
     Here, near Eureka Springs, roadside signs coax Arkansas visitors in to see Pivot Rock and adjacent Natural Bridge. First developed as a tourist attraction more than a century ago, these two geologic oddities still manage to gather plenty of interest. Natural Bridge at Pivot Rock - Eureka Springs, Arkansas Under a shade- tree canopy, a paved pathway descends through the natural scenic beauty of the Ozarks. Reaching a height of about twelve feet, Pivot Rock naturally awaits for a family member to pose beneath it, or pretend to hold it from falling over.
     Also located in this small park-like setting is a natural bridge. Among the steep bluffs and rugged ravines, the bridge was carved through the rocky cliffs by nature's relentless weathering. A great family outing, kids will especially enjoy climbing around these park features, while adults may enjoy the Ozark's wildflowers and colorful fall foliage.

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