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Potter Marsh

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Potter Marsh - Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge, Alaska

Photos by Dan Kehlenbach
Dan's Portraits of Alaska

     Alaska's Seward Highway, linking Anchorage with Seward, is one of the state's most popular scenic byways. This 127 mile corridor, designated as an All-American Road, introduces byway travelers to a remarkable stretch of Alaskan scenery. Scenic sights vary from the ice-blue glaciers of the Harding Icefield to Chugach State Park's wildlife and snow-capped mountain peaks.
     Not far from the city of Anchorage, byway travelers will pass Potter Marsh. Part of the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge, Trumpeter Swans Potter Marsh, Anchorage, Alsaka the 2300 acre wetland is viewed as a transition zone between the Chugach Mountains and the shores of Turnagain Arm. Although sightings of bear and moose are infrequent, Potters Marsh is well visited by shore birds and migratory species. From mid spring to early fall, northern harriers, canvasbacks, red-necked grebes, northern pintails and red-necked phalaropes frequent the marsh. A wooden boardwalk, stretching 1500 feet through the marsh, provides visitors a comfortable viewing platform among the wetlands. Rabbit Creek also flows through the marsh, offering a chance to see muskrats, swans, grebes and schools of salmon that have traveled hundreds of miles to spawn. Those unfamiliar with the Anchorage area, a land known for beluga whales, Dall sheep, grizzly bears and eagles, may be surprised to see this un-Alaskan type of marsh scenery along the Seward Byway.

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