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McHugh Creek - Seward Highway, Alaska

Photos by Dan Kehlenbach
Dan's Portraits of Alaska

     Alaska’s Seward Highway, capturing three official byway designations, traverses some of the state’s most splendid Dahl Sheep natural beauty. Just under a four hour drive, the 127 mile highway connects Anchorage to the seaport at Seward. This remarkable land introduces sightseers to quite a diverse land, ranging from ice blue glaciers to sparkling waterfalls, and wildlife to wildflowers. Byway visitors pass the chilly waters of the Turnagain Arm, the wild lands of Chugach State Park, Exit Glacier, Harding Ice Field and the Kenai Lake. Those with extra time may want to explore the historic mining town of Hope, the Beluga Point Interpretive Center, or admire the animals at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.
     Anxious to see Alaska in the wild? The byway climbs upward toward the town of Moose Pass, and through the Chugach National Forest. This corridor of virgin forest, covering an area the size of New Exit GLacier Hampshire, surrounds glacier-filled Prince William Sound. Forest inhabitants include black and brown bears, moose, wolves, arctic ground squirrels, picas, and an occasional hoary marmot. Nearby, the Price William Sound harbors a variety of sea creatures, such as porpoises, harbor seals, sea otters, sea lions and orcas and humpback whales.
     For nature lovers and adventurers, this a special place. Whether you’re camping, fishing, cruising Prince William Sound, wildlife watching, or off on a kayak adventure, a Seward Highway journey can stretch the 127 mile byway tour into days of excitement.

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