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Christmas Lighting Festival - Leavenworth, Washington

Photos by Jim Stiles
Jim Stiles Photography

   Childhood memories are made on days like Welcome Sign - Leavenworth, Washington this in Leavenworth when bedtime comes all too soon, interrupting a fun filled evening of sledding and romp in the snow. This sparkling setting in Leavenworth portrays one of those magical times of winter, when there's no school and plenty of holiday fun.
   Here in Leavenworth, the town’s leaders took on the task of reinventing itself. Markt Strasse (Commercial Street - Leavenworth, Washington Seeing a steady decline in the economy of a typical small timber community, a few concerned citizens offered a proposal to convert the city into a Bavarian village. Eager for change, residents learned about the German culture, architects studied various Bavarian themes and building codes were modified to fully implement the huge transformation.
   Originally called Icicle, Project LIFE Light Festival - Leavenworth, Washington (Leavenworth Improvement For Everyone) was a great success story. Today's visitors will find Leavenworth's main streets lined with authentic German architecture. Flower boxes and hanging baskets are filled with colorful arrangements, and townspeople enjoy their new-found German culture. The city, earning the title Ultimate Holiday Town USA by A&E, is now known for its cozy accommodations, old-world hospitality and a year-long lineup of lively festivals. With the majestic Cascade Range in the background, the Christmas Lighting Festival transforms this Swiss look-alike into twinkling wonderland.

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