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Three State Overlook

Three State Overlook - Ponca State Park

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     Lewis and Clark, tasked with a mission into unknown territory, set out toward the Pacific Coast with 45 men and a well stocked keelboat. Just completing the journey would be a major achievement, but they were directed to map the area and study plants, animals, minerals, soil and the native ways of life. During their 8,000 mile journey, the expedition paused near today's Sioux City, Iowa, to bury Sgt. Charles Floyd, an expedition member. From there a strong wind, covering the party with a sand and dust, propelled the party 40 miles northward in just two days, passed the present day site of Ponca State Park.
     The park's Three State Overlook, perched on top of high bluff, looks over a natural section of the Missouri River. This 59 mile stretch of the river remains unchecked by man's improvements. Without levees, wing walls, and dredging, the Missouri National Recreational River has maintained it wild character, looking similar to the river that Lewis and Clark passed on August 22, 1804.
     Ponca State Park, lying on a point where Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota meet, is two miles from the town of Ponca. The park and the town are named for the Ponca Native American tribe that once inhabited the area. It was Ponca's famed Chief Standing Bear who fought and won a court battle, declaring Natives a person under American law. Originally created in 1934, the park's 892 acres are known for native shrubs and old growth trees, migrant and resident songbirds, woodland wildlife and wildflowers.



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