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Georgetown Harborwalk

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Georgetown Harborwalk - Georgetown County, South Carolina

Photo by Ben Prepelka
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   The streets of Georgetown, one of South Carolina's oldest cities, were laid out in 1729. Surrounded by the Pee Dee, Black and Waccamaw rivers on the east Georgetown - Clock Tower and the Sampit River on the west, this Low Country bottomland was perfect for growing rice, indigo and cotton. Using a massive number of slave laborers, rice eventually surpassed indigo as the premier cash crop, and Georgetown ultimately became the largest producer in the United States. Located on a bustling seaport, tons of goods flowed in and out of Winyah Bay. Financed by this steady flow of commerce, Georgetown's wealthy plantation owners built beautiful mansions and stately homes, decorating them with the finest furnishings and artwork money could buy.
   Today’s Georgetown Historic District is still centered on the original town grid, lined with huge live oaks that arch over the streets. Here alongside the Sampit River, Georgetown visitors can't miss the clock tower added to Front Street in 1842 to guide merchants and shoppers to the central open air market. Despite significant damage from Hurricane Hugo, many of the original homes form the heart of this historic city. A popular stop for coastal visitors, this charming seaport town was reinvented to accommodate and entertain coastal tourists. The Harborwalk parallels Front Street, providing access to the marina, area restaurants, shops and apartments, plus a beautiful viewpoint of the Sampit River. The annual Harborwalk Festival, originally designed to aid redevelopment, entertains thousands during the last full weekend in June. Centered on the Georgetown - Front Street boardwalk and Front Street, festival guests enjoy boat tours, fishing contests, live music and the ever popular street dance.
   Even though you may have never heard of Georgetown, there's a chance you've seen it. Georgetown - Sampit River Shrimp Boats Chosen as Picturetown USA by the Nikon Corporation, area residents supplied dozens of stunning images of their photogenic town. The basis for a series of Nikon advertisements, Georgetown's historic landmarks and friendly residents have appeared in camera maker's nation-wide marketing campaign.

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