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Mammoth Peak

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Mammoth Peak - Yosemite National Park, California

Photo by Mike Matenkosky
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   Yosemite National Park, considered as one of the most magnificent parks in the world, was first introduced to main-stream America through the eloquent words of John Muir. Muir's passion for the High Sierra also helped promote the ideas of wilderness preservation. The wide variety of scenic wonders are woven throughout the 750,000 acres of the California park. Yosemite is famous for its high alpine lakes and streams, world famous granitic monoliths, dramatic waterfalls, picturesque mountain meadows, wildflowers and wildlife.
   This majestic mountain scene features Yosemite's Mammoth Peak (12,117 ft elev), found at the northern end of Kuma Crest. This area can be reached by way of the Parker Pass Trail. Trail notes indicate this high altitude, ten mile hike makes for a fine day trip. Parker Pass Trail is a great alternate for the nearby and more popular John Muir Trail. The trail begins at Dana Meadows, just south of the Tioga Pass Entrance Station and winds along the Parker Pass Creek, then on toward Mono Pass or Parker Pass. This trail is one of a hundred fascinating trails found in Yosemite, providing breathtaking views, and a sense of adventure that can rejuvenate the spirit of freedom. If hiking is not your forte, Yosemite features miles of scenic highway, and scores of picturesque marvels are found along the roadside.

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