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Scott Covered Bridge

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Scott Covered Bridge - Townshend, Vermont

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Nearly a century ago Vermont's residents enjoyed the convenience of covered bridges scattered over the entire state. From its original count of more than 600 bridges, holdovers today total only 100. Most have been lost to flood waters, but some were removed for development, some destroyed by arson, and a few have simply given in to old age. Vermont's Scott Covered Bridge is an exception, surviving more than 145 years. River View - The longest bridge in the state, and a State Historic Site since 1955, it needs all 277 feet to cross the broad West River. One of 21 covered bridges in southern Vermont, amazingly the state's 100 authentic covered bridges total more per square mile than any other state in America.
   Scott Bridge (VT-13-13), no different than any other wooden structure, was occasionally found needing repair. Subject to high winds and water damage, the three span bridge has been re-roofed, essential timbers replaced and structural steel added for support. Located outside of Townshend, the bridge no longer supports vehicle traffic. For those on foot, it's a long walk in the dark from end to end.

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