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Fall Creek Falls

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Fall Creek Falls - Fall Creek Falls State Resort Park, Tennessee

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   Perched on the western edge of the broad Cumberland Plateau, Fall Creek Falls is one of dozens of waterfall sites located in the rugged Tennessee highlands. Carved up by numerous river and creeks, the plateau's deep gorges set up the perfect places for some of the area's best waterfalls. Here at Fall Creek Falls State Resort Park a 15 mile long Cane Creek Gorge and its tangle of tributaries and side canyons hold four major waterfall settings. The park’s mountain streams, its majestic waterfalls, and 26,000 acres of rugged mountain terrain have guaranteed its place as Swimmers at Cane Creek Cascade - Fall Creek Falls State Resort Park, Tennessee the Best State Park in the Southeast.
   This remote section of mid-Tennessee is still a land with few roads and small towns, and offers a pleasant mix of a first class recreation areas and huge sections of pristine wilderness land. But here near McMinnville and about 45 minutes from I-40 there's easy access to Falls Creek Falls State Park. Park visitors are greeted by Cane Creek Falls and Cane Creek Cascades, both surrounded in a natural setting of oaks, hickory and mountain laurel. And of course the biggest calling card here is Fall Creek Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in the east. The dramatic 256 foot waterfall is supplied by a steady stream of water from the Falls Creek Reservoir above. Here in the lake, record fish catches are just part of summer fun. Plenty of park accommodations vary from a 145 room inn and 30 cabins to a huge camping area and backcountry campsites. A series of falls overlooks, a swinging bridge, a number of caves, 34 miles of trails, an 18 hole golf course, and Olympic size pool ensure the popularity of this resort park.

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