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Nevada Northern Railroad - Ely, Nevada

Photos by Chris Muller
Chris Muller's Nevada Northern Gallery

   During the first few years of the 20th century, two of Nevada's largest copper mines came under control of the White Pine Copper Company. Lead by railroad president, Mark Requa, it would be easy to guess the direction in solving the mine's transportation problems.
   A new rail line, called the Nevada Northern Railroad, was completed in 1906 and connected Ely with the Southern Pacific near Cobre. East Ely Depot - Ely, Nevada Additional track enhanced mining operations and added passenger train service. The Nevada Northern moved more than 4.5 million passengers between 1906 and 1941. Locomotive #40, a 1910 Baldwin 4-6-0, was brought in to move passengers and remained on duty for over 30 years. With drive wheels measuring almost six feet, the engine was built for speed. Delays were easily made up as the train could reach speeds well over 60 miles per hour.
   Locomotive #40 is a survivor! Known as the Queen of Steam, this locomotive and the entire fleet and rail system were donated to the White Pine Historical Railroad Foundation after mining operations ceased. After an 11 month rebuild, #40 emerged from the NNRR shop facility with a new boiler in 2006. Today its lonesome whistle is heard throughout the valley, thrilling passengers again in Nevada's Great Basin.

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