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Ringing Rocks Park

Ringing Rocks Park - Pennsylvania

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     Armed with a pair of heavy duty drumsticks, a hammer or just one of the nearby rocks, this Buck's County Ringing Rocks Boulder Fieldboulder field invites its guests to try their musical skills of rock ringing. A large draw for geologists, hikers, picnickers or waterfall fans, Upper Black Eddy's Ringing Rocks Park offers some of the area's most unique entertainment.
     Although there's nothing unusual about the high content of iron and aluminum in the rocks, this four acre boulder field has begged scientists to look for an underlining cause for these ringers. Known as live rocks, nearly a third of the boulders produce a ringing sound when struck. Often described as a metallic ring, the actual location of this field has no effect on the tone of the rock. Even though park officials promote myths of hocus pocus, magnetic fields or suggest some type of supernatural power in the boulder field to discourage their removal, High Rocks Creek Falls these rocks will preform anywhere. There are strong theories about built-in stresses within the rocks. Much like a taut guitar string, the magical tone is just waiting on a musician to take up the challenge.
     Whether it's banging on boulders, picnicking in the park or just enjoying a hike to the High Rocks Creek Falls, this park holds more of eastern Pennsylvania's wonderful scenery. Who knows, after a visit you may become very familiar with the terms elastic stresses, olivine diabase, or sonorous rocks. Then again, there's a better chance you'll become a master of rock music, playing the lithophone.

    Ringing Rocks Park Map


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