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Adelphi Hotel

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Adelphi Hotel - Saratoga Springs, New York

Photo by Ben Prepelka
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   Known for its naturally carbonated springs and their legendary curative powers, it was an exciting time in Saratoga Springs during the early 1800s. Touting the strong healing properties of its springs, the village attracted politicians and prominent citizens of the day. As word spread among the elite, the town began its rapid rise as the "Queen of Spas". Its splendid Victorian Era hotels and restaurants, representing the Golden Age, fulfilled high society’s thirst for the extravagant. Although horse racing and casinos have taken center stage today, its spot as an entertainment capital continues.
   Described as a High Victorian hotel inn, the Adelphi Hotel is a rare survivor from the city’s heydays. Overlooking historic Broadway Avenue, the four story hotel street view captures everyone’s attention. Not the biggest or most prestigious at the time, the hotel attracted much attention with its Italian Villa style and the 2nd floor piazza. Beyond its grand entrance, an open Victorian staircase leads to the upper floors. Wide hallways, decorated with Victorian artwork, period antiques, lacy curtains and Old World touches, lead to 39 uniquely decorated rooms.
   Saved from the wrecking ball during a period in Saratoga Springs when buildings were disappearing left and right, a Nebraska couple stepped up to the challenge and turned out to be Adelphi’s savior. Restored room by room, the vandalized hotel was returned to a mid 19th century splendor in 1980. Today, the Adelphi is again facing a reconstruction, replacing cracked beams, a tilting foundation and enlarging the rooms to modern dimensions. New owners say the gut job was necessary to keep it upright for the next 200 years.

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