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Columbia River Gorge

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Columbia River Gorge - Corbett, Oregon

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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Beacon Rock has gone by many names since the journey of Lewis and Clark. 
Names include Beaten Rock, Pillar Rock, and Inoshoack Castle.      It takes about five hours of driving time to travel both sides of the Columbia River Gorge. Of course visiting here in the Gorge will take much more time. Dozens of waterfalls, charming towns, and historic landmarks are just part of an in-depth visit to the Gorge. Although I-84 follows the southern edge of the Columbia River from Portland to Maryville, Washington’s Route 14 and Oregon’s Columbia River Highway offer a more leisurely drive on each side of the river.
     This gorge made up the final Ponytail Fallsleg of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, honored at the Lewis and Clark National Historic Site. The entire area is imprinted with many of their stopping points and landmarks. Beacon Rock, one of the world’s largest basalt monoliths, is one of the area's features named by Clark, a name that’s still in use today.
     This overhead view of the Columbia River Gorge, seen from the Ponytail Falls Trail, looks out over a smooth flowing broad river. The river wasn’t always this peaceful. When Lewis and Clark arrived in 1885, the Bonneville Dam and Cascade Locks weren’t in existence. Dangerous rapids and Pacific tides presented Lewis and Clark with a few more challenges.

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