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Lyman Lake

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Lyman Lake - Glacier Peak Wilderness, Washington

Photos by Monte Dodge
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   Located about 70 miles from the Seattle metro area, Glacier Peak is one of the most active stratovolcanoes in the Cascade Volcanic Arc. Lending it name to the Glacier Peak Wilderness, Glacier Peak is well named (see inset photo). The peak is draped in glaciers, and its western side is often covered with as much as 45 feet of snow.
Glacier Peak - Glacier Peak Wilderness, Washington    If you’ve ever dreamed of an ultimate wilderness setting, this Lyman Lake scene has got to come close. Located deep within the Glacier Peak Wilderness and surrounded by other wilderness lands, the upper and lower Lyman lakes are a few of the stars from the cast of 200 alpine lakes in the region. Wilderness lands are reached over a faint web of 100 trails, with the most popular section accessed by way of the Pacific Crest National Trail (PCT). Here, hikers are rewarded with close up views of Glacier Peak. Two routes, one from Suiattle River Trail and the other from the north Chelan Lake area, link up to the PCT and your avenue to this wonderful setting.
   Here, on the PCT you’ll encounter views of Glacier Peak and the clear waters of Lyman Lake. This beautiful Washington State lake, filled with glacial melt, is surrounded by granite peaks of Chiwawa, alpine evergreens and refreshing mountain meadows. Sharing this wilderness land with area wildlife means a chance meeting with marmots, occasional gray wolves, rare wolverines, and a few of the area's grizzly bears.

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