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Dard Hunter Mill

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Dard Hunter Mill - Marlboro, New York

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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Inset photo by Daniel Case

   Following three years of extensive repairs to the interior fireplace and supporting structures, the Dard Hunter Paper Mill celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony in May, 2011. After stabilizing the chimney, crews replaced decayed beams and repaired the mantle that has collapsed. Utilizing period tools from the early 1900s, a special exhibit describing the project is set up at the mill.
   Nearby the town on Marlboro, New York, the Dard Hunter Paper Mill is part of the Gomez Mill House Historic Site. Gomez Mill House - Marlboro, New York The Gomez Mill House is the oldest Jewish residence in America. Here in the Hudson River Valley, the historic Gomez house was built in 1714. Dard and Edith Hunter purchased the property in 1913. Soon to discover all handmade paper was being imported from Europe, Hunter chose to make his own. Modeled after a 17th century Devonshire cottage, Dard completed this small paper mill in 1913. Topped with a thatched roof of rye and relying on waterpower from Jew's Creek, Hunter quickly became an expert in papermaking and fashioning handmade typefaces.
   Hunter devoted a great portion of his life to the art of paper making, authoring 46 books and establishing the Dard Hunter Paper Museum. Born William Joseph Hunter, the origin of the unusual name of Dard remains unknown. A leading proponent of America's Arts and Crafts style, Hunter is now recognized as one of the movement's greatest artists.
   Open Wednesday through Sunday, guided tours offered three times a day - 10:30am, 1:15pm, 2:45pm.

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