Scenic USA - Ohio

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Lamping Homestead

Lamping Lake

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     Between Graysville and Marietta, Route 26 snakes its way as Ohio's Covered Bridge Scenic Byway. The highway parallels the Little Muskingum River without a full compliment of all its twists and turns. Covered Bridge Scenic Byway SignLike a scavenger hunt, ten points of interest are spread throughout the 44 mile route. Four covered bridges, historic buildings and plenty of Wayne National Forest land are found along the highway.
     Pictured here is the first stop on the byway. Heading southward is the Lamping Homestead site. Here, the park features a picnic area and primitive camping area. Located on a side gravel road from Route 26, follow SR 537 and Township Road 307. The homestead buildings have disappeared, with the only reminders of the Lamping family is a cemetery. This small lake graces the campground area and marks the start of the loop trails that encircle the park.



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