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Great Eddy Covered Bridge

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Great Eddy Covered Bridge - Waitsfield, Vermont

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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    School's out and it looks like it's going to be a leisurely summer on Vermont's Mad River. The Great Eddy Covered Bridge or Village Bridge, found in the town of Waitsfield, makes a great hangout for town teens. Here the river creates a lazy water ride as it flows through the valley, found between the Green and Northfield mountains.
   One of the classic New England small towns, Waitsfield boasts of its laid-back atmosphere, no chain restaurants and few traffic lights. The area is well known for autumn's golden sugar maples, its winter ski resorts, antique shops and picturesque hillside farms. Natural beauty, historic buildings and the covered bridge are part of Waitsfield's charm.
   Carrying traffic since 1833, the 113 foot covered bridge used a combination Burr and multi-king post trusses. Considered in remarkable condition because of its age and heavy traffic, the Great Eddy Covered Bridge continues its duties every day. The bridge has undergone many periods of maintenance, Village Bridge Approach including a main wooden truss replacement, but the overall structure is mostly original. Tested during Hurricane Irene in 2011, the swollen Mad River caused significant flood damage throughout Waitsfield. Although the Mad River battered the sidewalls, the bridge stayed intact. Known by four different names, including Big Eddy Covered Bridge and naturally the Waitsfield Covered Bridge, covered bridge fans will easily find their prize on Bridge Street. A pedestrian walkway was added in 1940 and makes up part of the town's walking tour.

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