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Roque House - Natchitoches, Louisiana

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     One of the latest additions to the Louisiana Scenic Byway System takes visitors back to the country's formative years beginning Melrose Plantation Home - Colonial Trails Byway, Mississippi in the late 1600s. Colonial Trails Scenic Byway utilizes 10 different highway routes, criss-crossing across Cajun farmland and the Kisatchie National Forest. Connecting Many and Natchitoches to Natchez, the byway turns south along the Mississippi River to Tunica. Southern routes connect Burr Ferry on the Sabine River to the byway midpoint at Alexandria.
     This historic byway Old General Store - Colonial Trails Byway, Louisiana introduces travelers to restored mansions, plantation homes, scenic waterways, and a dozen historic cities and towns, including the state's oldest city, Natchitoches. The byway also offers a look at the mixed cultures and traditions of the French, Creole, Anglo and African-Americans. Including more than 100 historic sites and points of interests, the Colonial Trails Scenic Byway covers 300 miles and over 300 years of history.
     Pictured here is one of the oldest examples of Creole-French architecture. Its distinct post-in-ground, hipped roof St. Mary's Cathedral - Colonial Trails Byway, Natchez, Mississippi and wrap-around gallery appears as pre-cursor of today's hurricane resistant homes. The hand-hewn cypress home, filled with a stucco-like bousillage (mud, moss, hair mixture) was originally built near Isle Brevelle. The home represents a typical Creole style dwelling dating to the early 1800s. The Roque House, named after the last inhabitants Madame Aubert Roque, was built by a freed black slave known as Pascale. A local preservation group moved the house in 1967 to Natchitoches and the Natchitoches Historic Foundation restored the structure.
     The Roque House is just one of many historic sites in Natchitoches (Nack-a-tish) and the Cane River National Heritage Area. Allow at least two days to travel the byway and explore some of the more famous points of interest and historic cities on the Colonial Trails Scenic Byway.

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