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Pioneer Cabin - Tishomingo State Park

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   The Mississippi Delta, an immense flood plain that stretches from the Yazoo River to the Mississippi River, covers hundreds and hundreds Swinging Bridge - Tishomingo State Park, Mississippi of square miles. Seeming to have no end, the river basin is the Southeastís most deforested region, a stark contrast to the state's northeast corner. Here in the northern region of the state, occupied by Appalachian foothills, is a much different world from the flat croplands of the Delta. These gentle hills were home to the Chickasaw Tribe throughout the 18th century. Even though the United States recognized the Chickasaw one of the Five Civilized Tribes, constant skirmishes with encroaching Anglo settlers led to their removal during the 1830s.
   The Tishomingo State Park and nearby Natchez Trace Parkway, are set among these forested hills. The two federal projects, part of Roosevelt's New Deal, took advantage of the picturesque rolling hills and the area's scenic beauty. The Tishomingo name, a historical reference to the Chickasaw Chief Tishomingo (Tishu Miko), lives on in the name of the park, city and county. Fast forward a century from the Chickasaw's removal, the Civilian Conservation Corp established Tishomingo State Park, laid out hiking trails and set-up the park's infrastructure. One of the remnant CCC projects is a 200 foot long swinging bridge, taking hikers and rock climbers over Bear Creek. A popular landmark, the Tishomingo Swinging Bridge leads to a unique landscape of massive rock formations along the Bear Creek. Unlike anything else in the state, the three mile Bear Creek Outcropping Trail Haynes Lake - Tishomingo State Park, Mississippi passes a series of cliffs, outcroppings and overhangs, including the 60 foot Jeanís Overhang. Another one of the park's historic exhibits is an 1840s restored log cabin. Adding more charm to the cabin setting is a clear running brook and outdoor water well. The one-room cabin, a tiny house of yesteryear, could have only offered a cramped, albeit dry, living quarters.
   Welcoming boaters and anglers on Haynes Lake and Bear Creek, park concessionaires offers canoe, rowboat and paddleboat rentals for these two exceptional spots for summer fun. More amenities in the 1500 acre foothills include cabins, camping sites, nature trails and lake recreation.

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