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Old Man in the Mountain

Old Man in the Mountain

Photo by Robert O'Connell

   Whenever some folks stare at nature's handiwork too long, invariably shapes begin to take on a likeness of something familiar in their lives. It's easy to see why New Hampshire's Old Man in the Mountain had sparked a great interest since its discovery in the early 1800s. The stone profile, made up of five granite ledges, became the state's emblem in 1945. It has also appeared on the state's license plates and quarter, as well as postage stamps.
   The rock outcropping, once estimated at 10,000 years old, measured 40 feet tall and had perched 1,200 feet above Profile Lake in Franconia Notch. As with any natural rock formation, centuries of frost and thaw cycles will take their toll. The first geological survey in 1870 concluded the stone face could fall anytime. The time came on May 3rd, 2003. With the collapse, a great sadness spread throughout the state. The inspiration for Daniel Webster's short story, The Great Stone Face, was gone.
   This view predates the collapse and shows New Hampshire's iconic rock wonder. Attempts at preservation had failed, but movements of its re-creation abound. Get a good idea of what this iconic rock face looked like at Profiler Plaza in Franconia Notch.

    Area Map to Plaza



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