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Seven Tubs

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Seven Tubs Nature Area - Luzerne County, Pennsylvania

Photos by Vaibhav Bhosale
Vaibhav Bhosale Photography

   Often called Whirlpool Canyon, or simply The Tubs, the Seven Tubs Nature Area is found in northeastern Pennsylvania’s Laurel Run Valley. Thought to have been created thousands of years ago during the last Ice Age, today Wheelbarrow Run provides the focal point of the area. The natural tubs, or potholes, are part of a gorge that winds through a beautiful section of Pennsylvania forestland.
   When large stones are caught in a river eddy, this action begins the process of creating a pothole. The deeper the hole, the more stones are caught in the whirlpool. The series of tubs along the gorge not only creates a wonderful sight, but entices visitors into the inviting pools. Frowned upon by game land officials, Seven Tubs Cascade these rock chutes and pools have become a natural water park. Worn smooth over time, this stretch of Pocono Formation sandstone turned into water-slides and double as an inspiring photographic setting. Small falls, long cascading ribbons and deep plunge pools have become this photographer's delight.
   The parkland is also a natural haven for area wildlife. Thick forests of large hemlocks, various types of birch, chestnuts, maples, white ash, and bear oak create a habitat for a variety of birds. While towhees, flickers and thrashers flit from tree to tree, large birds, such as ruffed grouse and turkey, are easier to spot. Deer, raccoons and opossums are quite common, and wildlife watchers may be lucky to spot foxes, weasels, barred owls and an occasional black bear. Seven Tubs area is beautiful setting, attracting both beginning hikers as well as seasoned veterans.

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