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Washington National Cathedral

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Washington National Cathedral - Washington, DC

Photos by Brad Troy
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     The Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Entrance - National Cathedral, Washington DC better known as Washington National Cathedral, is sixth largest church building in the world. The main nave stretches out for a tenth of a mile and reaches up 100 feet. The top of the tower is the highest point in Washington DC. Its roof is supported by graceful flying buttresses and finely detailed ribbed vaulting. Soaring stained glass, Rose Window - National Cathedral, Washington DC including the magnificent West Rose Window, decorates the interior with shafts of colored light. The Gothic architecture style has shaped the building's Indiana limestone into a unique, original design. This inspiring architectural wonder is filled with details, taking 83 years to complete. The cornerstone of the church was laid during the term of Theodore Roosevelt and finished in 1990, Interior - National Cathedral, Washington DC in the presence of George H.W. Bush.
     Reviving President Washington's plans for a national church in the City of Washington, District of Columbia, in 1893 the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation was granted a charter from Congress to establish a cathedral on Mount Saint Albans. Located on 59 acres, the Cathedral Close includes Bishop's Garden and the five acre Olmsted Woods. The Cathedral cemetery is the burial place of many notable people, including President Woodrow Wilson, Helen Keller, Admiral George Dewey, Bishop Satterlee and church architects Henry Vaughan and Philip Frohman.

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