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Symbol of Democracy (US Capitol Building)

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Symbol of Democracy (U.S. Capitol Building) - Washington DC

Photos by Christina Mathiesen

     America's Capitol Building, with its distinctive dome, is recognized all over the world. This Washington DC landmark is also regarded as a symbol of democracy. Its footprint has been enlarged several times since being built in 1800, accommodating new states and their representatives. The magnificent dome was constructed of cast-iron during the Civil War period and topped with the Statue of Freedom in 1863, resting 287 feet above the East Plaza.
     The Rotunda, a circular room under the dome, is used for ceremonial functions, Rotunda Canopy - The Apotheosis of George Washington inaugurations and funerals of the distinguished. The canopy, high overhead, is covered with a 4,664 square foot fresco painting, designed by the 73 year old Constantino Brumidi, depicting George Washington and symbols of American democracy. The Capitol's halls are also lined with paintings and sculptures, displaying some of America's momentous events and luminaries.
      In this chilly scene, snowfall has covered the Capitol's grounds and slowed the city's activities to a crawl. Residents and visitors look forward toward a warm spring and the annual cherry blossom experience.

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