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Pigeon Point Light-Station - Pescadero, California

Photos by Amanda Haddox
Amanda Haddox Photography

   Pigeon Point Lighthouse SHP is located about an hourís drive south from San Francisco. The parkís grounds preserve one of the tallest lighthouses on the West Coast and a group of light-keeperís homes. Shoreline tide pools, and plenty of scenic viewpoints along a beautiful, yet rugged coastline are part of the appeal here. Pigeon Point, once known as Whale point, is still famous for its views of migrating gray whales and abundant shoreline wildlife.
   The lighthouse, sorely in need of some tender-loving-care, is closed to the public. The light-keeperís quarters remain open and operate as a hostel. Pigeon Point Light Station - Pescadero, CA Offering lodging for 50 overnight guests, these four buildings provide female and male bunkrooms, community showers, kitchens, and living rooms.
   When the ship Carrier Pigeon ran aground on her maiden voyage in 1853 cries for a lighthouse began to stir the slow wheels of progress. The lighthouse and first-order Fresnel lens, finally built in 1872, was designed to warn maritime traffic of the dangerous shoals just off the coast. Today, efforts of lighthouse restoration have been placed on the shoulders of an already strapped California State Parks Foundation (CSPF). State officials say even if they had the money, it would be years before repairs could be completed. Meanwhile the lighthouse remains closed, but a restoration break-through is in the works. The CSPF is leading the efforts in a major fund-raising campaign, and some stabilization work has already been completed.

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