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Peaceful Evening - Gastineau Channel, Juneau, Alaska

Photo by Dan Kehlenbach
Dan's Portraits of Alaska

   Juneau, Alaska’s capital city, is located on the Alaskan panhandle and shares a border with British Columbia. One of the extreme topographical oddities, illustrating the area's rugged landscape, isolates the city from having roads to the outside world. Before the advent of aviation, the only way in or out of Juneau was by boat. Strangely enough, today there are more cars in the city than residents.
   This twilight scene catches a late day sunset along the Gastineau Channel, a strait which separates Juneau from Douglas Island. This peaceful evening view offers a glimpse of The Road, the only major highway in the city. Route AK-7, Egan Drive, follows along the Gatineau Channel for 45 miles. The channel delivers over a million guests every year as Juneau is one of the top cruise line destinations. Its storied past is filled with colorful prospectors and the discovery of gold in Gold Creek. Joe Juneau (no coincidence) was credited with finding gold nuggets the size of peas and beans. Juneau was quickly converted from mining camp into a bustling city, stealing away the title of "capital" from Sitka.

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