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Deep Creek Lake

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Deep Creek Lake - Swanton, Maryland

Photo by Nick Havrilla

   Deep Creek Lake, a 3900 acre beauty, is one of Maryland's most popular and largest bodies of water. Located in Garret County, in the state's extreme western region, the lake is near the West Virginia and Pennsylvania borders. Deep Creek is tucked into the Allegheny Mountains and is known for its all-seasons recreation. Springtime may be a great time to take to the park's trail system, when wildlife becomes active. More summer fun can be found on the water, with fishing and boating. And winter is the time for snow skiing. Fall is also an exceptional time of year when the Savage National Forest lights up with a pallet of brilliant autumn colors.
   The lake's history began in the early 1900s, when the Youghiogheny Hydroelectric Corporation envisioned damming up Deep Creek, putting the tri-state area on the grid with inexpensive hydroelectric power. Today, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has entrusted authority of the project to the state of Maryland. The administration strives to achieve a fine balance, releasing water for reliable power and recreational activities as well. Deep Creek is a major tributary to Maryland's only Wild and Scenic River Corridor. The Youghiogheny is making a rebound as the place for trout fishing, and is also well known as the most challenging kayaking and rafting runs in America.

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