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Afton State Park

Afton State Park - Minnesota

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     The St. Croix River follows the Wisconsin-Minnesota border for 100 miles before it joins the Mississippi River just south of St. Paul. St Croix Scenic Byway Sign The St. Croix served as a natural passageway for centuries, linking Lake Superior to the Mississippi River. Today, the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway follows the upper 200 miles of the river, starting at its headwaters near Gordon, Wisconsin. One of eight original Wild and Scenic Rivers, the St. Croix corridor provides 252 miles of panoramic views, recreation sites and a haven for wildlife. Its clear sparkling waters not only support fish, birds and mammals, but have also enticed Minnesota and Wisconsin to built seven state parks and a nature center.
     Afton State Park is one of six Minnesota parks along the St. Croix Scenic Byway, and marks the southern extent of the riverway. Afton State Park - Lilac Cluster Overlooking the St. Croix River, the 1695 acre park is cut by deep ravines and accented by sandstone bluffs and ridges. Composed of a combination of woodlands, prairie and oak savannahs, the park's trails are woven throughout, some dropping 300 feet to the river and swimming beach below.
     Tiny green leaves and the strong fragrance of lilacs announce that spring Afton State Park - St Croix River View has arrived in Minnesota. Here in the park you may also find area wildflowers throughout the year. Over trails lined with prairie crocus, butterfly weed, puccoons, sunflowers and blazing star, it's quite possible you'll startle a few bluebirds and meadowlarks, or perhaps a larger mammal, which may include deer, badger, fox, turkey and fox squirrel.

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