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Sturgeon Bay Canal Lighthouse

Sturgeon Bay Canal Lighthouse - Marinette County Park, Wisconsin

Photos by Ben Prepelka

     Often called the Cape Cod of the Midwest, Wisconsin's Door County Peninsula is the narrow thumb on a map that juts out into Lake Michigan. Eagle Bluff Panorama - Door County Just about 70 miles in length, Door County is well known for its pristine beaches, fish boils, cozy seacoast towns and its large collection of historic lighthouses. Still honoring its seafaring heritage, visitors savor the friendly atmosphere of Baileys Harbor, Sister Bay, Egg Harbor and Sturgeon Bay.
     Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy four seasons of recreation on the peninsula. In the winter, miles of trails are perfect for skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. Cana Island Lighthouse - Door County In the spring, the peninsula is known for its apple and cherry blossoms as well as many daffodils and tulips. With 300 miles of shoreline, you can bet summer fun has a lot to do with the waters of Lake Michigan. In the fall, along with the county's brilliant foliage, visitors and residents find plenty of apples, pumpkins and apple cider at roadside farmers markets. Just one short of a dozen, lighthouse fans can enjoy seeing the county's lighthouses any time of year. Eagle Bluff Lighthouse - Door County Most light stations are easily reached by land, while a few require boat tours or a ferry trip.
     At one time or another someone can be found looking for an easier route or a short cut when driving ... and Door County mariners were no different. While Sturgeon Bay almost severed the peninsula from the mainland naturally, canal builders completed the seven mile cut during the late 1800s for a quicker way to Green Bay from Lake Michigan. While the Sherwood Point Light Station marks Sturgeon Bay on the north end, the North Pierhead Light and Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Lighthouse indentify the southern entrance. North Pier Lighthouse - Door County When the Pierhead Light was completed in 1882, mariners soon cried for a taller, more powerful lighthouse. Completed in the late 1890s, the additional tower supported a third order Fresnel lens. The open tower was eventually changed from black to white in order to be more easily recognized in the daytime. The lighthouse is still maintained by the Coast Guard and the grounds are open in June during the Lighthouse Festival.

   Area Map

    Upper right inset: Eagle Bluff Overlook
    Upper left inset: Cana Island LightHouse
    Lower right inset: Eagle Bluff Lighthouse
    Lower left inset: Sturgeon Bay North Pier Lighthouse


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