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Lover's Leap

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Lover's Leap - Starved Rock State Park, Illinois

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   The Starved Rock State Park is a marvelous land of picturesque waterfalls, rugged canyons, and a past that's filled with a rich Native American history. While the Starved Rock legend tells of a tactic of starvation between two warring tribes, Lover's Leap relates a romantic story of an Indian brave and a maiden of another tribe. Because of the rivalry between the tribes, the young couple was forbidden by their tribal chiefs to marry. In Romeo and Juliet fashion, the two lovers chose to die together. Here in Starved Rock Park along the Illinois Riverside you can see where the couple embraced and took a desperate plunge from Lover's Leap.
   Noted in legends that date back to Greek and Roman mythology, tales of lover suicides are seen throughout Europe and the Americas. Illinois River Trail Bridge This reoccurring theme seems most prevalent in Native American folklore. Two dozen sites, from Alabama to the state of Washington honor these true romantics.
   Here on the trail that parallels the Illinois River a distant view shows the cliffs and Lover's Leap. After visiting the park's many attractions, and some of the most beautiful waterfall sites in the area, a return trip toward the visitor center will lead to views of Lover's Leap.

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