Kansas: The Sunflower State
   Kansas, lying in the heart of Tornado Alley, sets the stage for the forever popular 1939 film, the Wizard of OZ. These broad plains are not only swept with devasating storms, but also filled with 19th century history. During a transition period from Indian Territory to homesteaders, the state's cattle drives, numerous railroad lines, and deep seeded political wars over the slavery filled its history pages. Dodge City reconnects visitors with its colorful past with Front Street shops and bars, the Boot Hill Cemetery, and stories of its rough and rowdy ways.
   Today, the state is a leader in agriculture, producing wheat, soybeans, sorghum, and sunflowers. Eastern Kansas, part of the Grain Belt, is noted for cattle, hogs and corn.
   Kansas visitors are drawn to its 10 national historic sites and preserves, plus 25 state parks and nine scenic byways found throughout the state.
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Kansas: Archives

   Region: Eastern Wooded Hills

Feature Title: Nearby City: Designation: Directions:
Neosho Falls Neosho Falls Ghost Town Map

   Region: Flint Hills

Feature Title: Nearby City: Designation: Directions:
Hays Limestone Barn Council Grove Historic Structure Map
Lower Fox Creek Schoolhouse Strong City Historic Structure Map
Southwind Nature Trail Strong City Nature Preserve Map
Flint Hills Byway Strong City Scenic Byway Directions
Tallgrass Prairie Strong City Preserve Directions
Mennonite Settlement Museum Hillsboro Historic Attraction Map
Marysville Station Marysville Historic Structure Map
Chase County Courthouse Cottonwood Falls Historic Structure Map
Chase Lake Falls Cottonwood Falls Water Feature Directions
Bushong Bushong Quasi Ghost Town Map

   Region: Central Prairie

Feature Title: Nearby City: Designation: Directions:
Old Cowtown Museum Wichita Historic Attraction Map
Mushroom Rock Cameiro Natural Wonder Map
Old Oxford Mill Oxford Historic Structure Map

   Region: Western High Plains

Feature Title: Nearby City: Designation: Directions:
Dodge City No. 1139 Dodge City Park Train Map
Dodge City Dodge City City Scenes City Tour Map
Keyhole Arch Oakley Natural Wonder Directions
Monument Rocks Oakley Natural Wonder Map
Castle Rock Quinter Natural Wonder Directions
Smoky Valley Ogallah Scenic Byway Map
Dalton Gang Hideout Meade Historic Attraction Map
Cimarron National Grassland Wilburton National Preserve Tour Map

Kansas Travel Regions Map

Kansas Travel Regions

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