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   Each day Scenic USA presents a different and interesting photo feature from somewhere in the United States of America. Chosen from a wide variety of picturesque historic sites, city scenes, backcountry byways, unique points of interest and America's popular parklands, this site offers the viewer hundreds of vacation destination ideas and photographic subjects. Each photo is coupled with a brief explanation. For further detailed information, web links to other sites are provided, however these links should not be considered any type of endorsement.
   All pages are archived and offer a vast collection of photographs and brief articles on America's scenic wonders. Using the Previous and Next buttom, viewers may embark on the armchair tour ... and then its time to let your travel dreams begin.
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   Born in western Pennsylvania, I quickly discovered that both of my parents were passionate about travel, photography and wildlife. Being the youngest member of the family, I grew up exploring much of the eastern half of the United States. Scenic USA is about that part of my youth, echoing that same passion of the Great Outdoors that my parents enjoyed.

   Even after a decade of travel, my wife Terri and I continue to find many interesting places to visit. Living in the flat lands of Florida, while we enjoy the mild weather, we often find ourselves longing for the mountains. Our journeys have taken us throughout the entire lower 48 states and we enjoy sharing our unique finds. Not all states can offer majestic sights such as the Grand Canyon or the wonders of Yellowstone, but each state offers something special. And with more and more discoveries each year, we find there are still more that remain undiscovered.

   Slowly growing by one new feature every day, Scenic USA has become a huge collection of travel destinations, and a great source for America's most scenic places and fascinating historic sites. Thanks to Scenic USA's long list of contributors, the web site continues to add more great out-of-the-way places.

   Never willing to get too far off the ground, we've discovered the enjoyment of traveling America's backcountry roads. Today, travel has never been easier. With reliable vehicles and easy to use GPS units, there's no reason to be confined to an interstate highway. America's most interesting secondary roads are a great place to get started on a new adventure, and a way to create your own family's most precious memories.

   Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of Scenic USA's features, highways move with improvements, sites close down, and storm damage takes its toll. One must use good judgment when traveling and enjoying America's scenic wonders. It's always best to rely on multiple sources for information, which may include a good old fashion road map. - Ben


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