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Wyoming County Courthouse

Wyoming County Courthouse - Pennsylvania

Photo by Jim Cook
Jim Cook Photography

     Although reflected radiation is all around us, the near-infrared region of the light spectrum goes unnoticed to the human eye. First discovered in the early 1900s, infrared filters enabled these wavelengths of light to be captured on film. With its dream-like appearance, foliage seems to glow in black and white images. Often called the Wood effect, the name of this phenomenon has little to do with the trees; rather it pays homage to the father of both infrared and ultraviolet photography, Robert W. Wood.
     Pictured here in this unusual image taken in the infrared is the Wyoming Country Courthouse. Another gotcha, this Wyoming County was formed in 1842, nearly 50 years before the Equality State was admitted to the Union. Here in northeastern Pennsylvania, the Wyoming name is derived from Indian words meaning extensive meadows. The 1843 courthouse, serving the County Seat of Tunkhannock, earned an extensive remodel in 1869. Constructed of brick, covered in stucco, the renovation came close to a totally new building. Completed in 1870, the three story addition nearly doubled in cost with overruns and add-ons, totaling 24,880 dollars.
     This infrared black and white photo captured on film seems to convey a sense of history, mimicking old photography, and recalling the late 19th century when Wyoming County residents enjoyed the look of their new courthouse.



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