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Mount Airy (Mayberry Landmarks)

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Floyds Barber Shop - Mount Airy, North Carolina

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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   If you're old enough to remember Sheriff Taylor and Deputy Fife, Wally's Service Station - Mount Airy, NC most likely you'll recall more of the other colorful characters from the Andy Griffith Show. Although both of the lead characters have passed away, most of the show's landmarks are still in place.
   Here in Mount Airy don't expect to find television’s beloved Mayberry, but you will enjoy a look into the Mayberry Courthouse, Wally's Service Station and Floyd's Barbershop. Along with souvenir shops and plenty of references Mayberry characters, sightseers may appreciate the vintage trucks at Wally's Service Station, enjoy lunch at the Bluebird Diner, Andy Griffith’s boyhood home - Mount Airy, NC satisfy a sweet tooth at Opie's Candy Store or take a tour of the city in a squad car.
   To the east in town, Andy Griffith fans may enjoy his museum, packed with a variety of memories from the show. Collected by long-time friend Emmett Forrest, the Andy Griffith Museum features hundreds of memorabilia items from Griffith's life and career. Along with actual props from the Andy Griffith Show and Matlock, items were also donated by various cast members and guests. Visitors may also enjoy a stay at Griffith’s boyhood home (inset). Operated by the Hampton Inn chain, the Griffith home is set up for overnight stay, well within walking distance of Main Street and Mount Airy's attractions.
   The origin of the unique name, Mount Airy, is uncertain, Mayberry squad car but conventional wisdom has it transposed from the Mount Airy Plantation, a site that dates back to the 1800s. Serving as a trading center for a rural population, Mount Airy made the most of area resources. Successful commercial industries cashed-in on Mount Airy's timber and granite, while farming continued as the mainstay of income over the centuries. Locally known as Flat Rock, Mount Airy's open pit granite quarry is one of the largest in the world. Because of its history surrounding the quarry, Mount Airy is North Carolina's Granite City. But the Mayberry theme also endures, stirring up many memories for the baby boomer generation.

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