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Weathercock Farm

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Weathercock Farm - Sharon, Connecticut

Photo by Ben Prepelka
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     Northwestern Connecticut, centered on the Housatonic River Valley, is best described as a region of forests, rural lands and charming towns. Quite different from its heavily urban populations along the coast, this region is known for its distinct rural scenery. This part of the state is rich in limestone and iron, initiating early iron making efforts. These rich limestone deposits, producing alkaline soils, are also responsible for the success of area farms. Connecticut's smaller farms produce an array of crops, including fruit, berries, pumpkins and summer vegetables. A large portion of the state's vineyards are also found in this scenic river valley.
     Farm scenes add to the beauty of the Connecticut countryside, and this handsome Weathercock Farm near Sharon is no exception. Weathervane Defined as either a weathervane or something very fickle, the unique Weathercock name may apply to farming universally. Famers are either depending on the whims of Mother Nature or the capricious moods of consumers.
     Set among some of Connecticut's tallest peaks, this popular section of the state has become the Hamptons of Connecticut. Graced with beautiful waterfalls, picturesque streams and covered bridges, many wealthy New Yorkers and movie stars have built second homes here. Perhaps it was scenes such as this that sparked the desire to live in northwestern Connecticut.

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