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Moe’s Almost World Famous Diner

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Moe’s Almost World Famous Diner - Osseo, Wisconsin

Photos by Terri Prepelka

     Hungry travelers, driving the interstate on Wisconsin’s I-94 between the 50s memorabilia - Moe’s Almost World Famous Diner, Osseo. WI summer retreat at The Dells and Eau Claire, often take a break from the freeway at Osseo. Here, the shiny exterior and a large cow statue announce it's Moe’s Almost World Famous Diner. Following a 50s motif, covered in stainless steel and chrome (inside and out), and complete with an old fashion jukebox and plenty of 50s memorabilia, Moe's is reminiscent of the Route 66 era and roadside diners. Waitresses, dressed in poodle skirts, cover many miles over the checkerboard floor as they make their way passed a Formica countertop, red vinyl covered stools, and strings of 45 Moe’s Almost World Famous Diner records dangling from the ceiling.
     Anyone wanting to rate the food or service at Moe’s is really missing the point of a roadside diner. Seen as a bridge between a restaurant and fast food, a diner may offer a wide range of American fare. But when you’re hungry, almost anything is great. While you’re waiting on an order or even during your meal, it’s hard not to gaze at the variety of decorations, the diner's solid chrome construction, and its steady stream of colorful patrons. Moe's is one of those places that has a knack of creating fond memories.

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