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Cradle of Forestry, Forest Heritage Scenic Byway - North Carolina

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Especially enchanting during the third week of October, North Carolina invites its Transylvania County residents and its visitors to explore the Forest Heritage Byway. Pisgah Forest Entrance Arch Just north of the city of Brevard, U.S. 276 heads in a northerly direction through the Pisgah National Forest. Once greeted by two stone pillars and an arch, the 79 mile byway still celebrates the remaining landmarks of North Carolina's birthplace of modern forestry.
     Initially following the Davidson River, byway travelers Pisgah National Forest are reminded that this area was once a community of self reliant farmers and town’s people. The river sent power to iron forges, fabric mills, sawmills and grist mills. Although the original English Chapel is gone, volunteers pitched in to build a replacement. Along with former logging camps, the area's natural beauty is enjoyed at Looking Glass Falls and Sliding Rock Falls. A natural water park, Sliding Rock is one of the popular stops in the summer.
     The Cradle of Forestry Center is three miles from Sliding Rock. Here the early work of Dr. Carl A. Schenck is honored at the Forestry Historic Site,Sliding Rock Falls - Pisgah National Forest and this unique collection of historic forestry buildings is found across the highway. The byway continues, following the East Fork of the Pigeon River. Small town communities and uplands farms are spaced along the highway until travelers reach the town of Bethel. Here the byway departs U.S. Route 276 and follows N.C. Route 215 and the West Fork of the Pigeon River. Numerous streams, waterfalls and landmarks, such as Cold Mountain and Lake Logan, dot the byway. The byway ends near Rosman, where sightseers may pick up the Mountain Waters Scenic Byway.

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