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Mastodon Double Arch

Mastodon Double Arch

Photo by Rob Jones
Upper Salt Creek Trip Report

     This ancient mastodon or sandstone pachydermatous, with its eye-catching profile, is just one of many amusing rock formations etched from Utah's red rock landscape. The Mastodon Double Arch is located in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. The 15 mile round trip adventure to the double arch starts at the trailhead for Upper Salt Creek. additional view - Mastodon Double Arch
     To find the arch from Hwy 191, between Moab and Monticello, Utah, take Hwy 211 to Dugout Ranch. Turn left onto Elk Ridge Road (FR 088) for 18 miles to the trailhead. The hike From Cathedral Butte to Peakaboo, plus a few side-trips, turns this into the best three day hike at the very least. Here you'll find archaeological sites and arches galore, with the most famous feature, Angel Arch. Besides the common desert cottontails, kangaroo rats and mule deer, you may spot a coyote or bobcat. The Needlesí hot climate and sparse water supply favors small mammals, but there's a slim chance you may be surprised by one of the Canyonlands' cougars.



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