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Brandywine River

Brandywine River - Pennsylvania

Photo by Fred Weyman
Fred Weyman Photography

     Eastern Pennsylvania's Brandywine River watershed is surrounded by nearly a quarter of a million people, with expectations of an ever increasing population. Although growth has been slowing lately by a faltering economy, farmland and forestlands have disappeared at a staggering rate during the start of the 21st century. To help protect this watershed and manage a surrounding buffer zone, the Brandywine Conservancy has partnered with Delaware and Chester county authorities and 16 municipalities. Brandywine-Struble Greenway plans envision a restored riparian forest, a 30 mile long green corridor and conservation of existing habitats. The Greenway will incorporate existing trails, with plans to add more unpaved paths for walking, hiking and biking. The Brandywine-Struble Greenway will follow the main stream of the Brandywine River, connecting existing parks and gardens, and allowing residents easy access for canoeing, fishing, birding and photography.
     Chester County citizens not only offer concerns for the future of the Brandywine River, but cherish its historic past. Here along the river, the Revolutionary War's Battle of Brandywine Creek pitted an experienced British army against American forces lead by General George Washington. Unfamiliar with this territory, Washington and his troops were out maneuvered by British General Howe. The battle marked the fall of the Colonial Capital City of Philadelphia.
     This early morning scene captures a brief moment in time when a gap in a low deck of clouds allowed the sunrise to peek through. The red-bottomed clouds provided the perfect backdrop for Brandywine River and its tree-lined riverbanks. Just upstream from this viewpoint, the historic Battle of Brandywine Creek unfolded 234 years ago.



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