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Paradise Valley

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Paradise Valley - Livingston, Montana

Photos by Ben Prepelka
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     Nestled in a valley between the Crazy Mountains Yellowstone River rafters - Paradise Valley, MT and the Gallatin Range, Livingston was a beehive of activity during the early days of railroading. Its historic district stands as a testament to the Old West and its place as a major hub of the Northern Pacific Railroad. Also known as the Gateway City, well-to-do travelers could be seen heading southward in Pullman observation cars on their way to Yellowstone, America's first national park. Featured in several motion pictures, Livingston remains a stepping off point to Yellowstone Country, as U.S. Route 98 follows the Yellowstone River into the park.
     Heading south from City of Livingston and I-90, routes 89 and 540 follow each side of the Yellowstone River. These scenic routes span a 50 mile stretch between Livingston and Yellowstone National Park, Ranch - Paradise Valley, MT and usher travelers through Paradise Valley. This broad valley is covered in sweeping ranchland and surrounds a free flowing Yellowstone River. The lack of any modern dams provides plenty of wide open recreation opportunities with miles of the meandering Yellowstone River for fly fishing, whitewater rafting, photography and wildlife viewing.
     Paradise Valley continues through the rugged Gallatin and Absaroka mountains. Here among the Absaroka Mountains, a string of Montana’s highest peaks paint a majestic backdrop for Paradise Valley residents and sightseers. This spectacular scenery is a preview of more natural wonders found to the south in Yellowstone Country. Along with park’s signature steaming mud pots and spewing geysers, more scenic mountains and beautiful river valleys keep visitors returning year after year.

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